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FINALLY! Revealing my BIG Secret Project!

August 10, 2021 Jenny Peterson Season 1 Episode 89
Social Media Influencer
FINALLY! Revealing my BIG Secret Project!
Show Notes

Finally!! Revealing my BIG Secret Project! This secret project has been 2 years in the making!

After being a top affiliate for so many other companies, I decided to create my own physical product, partner with other affiliates and launch my own Company!  Introducing and our first product is Yu Beauty Collagen.

I am so proud of the Collagen we created! It is packed with optimized collagen peptides, 19 organic fruits, vitamins, protein and it tastes delicious! It is proudly made right here in the USA, non gmo, hormone free, cruelty free and no artificial colors or favors. I would love your support and can't wait for you to try it! To get the biggest discount opt in for subscription and  use code JENNYP at checkout to save 25% off every single month. You can order here

BIG NEWS! I am currently accepting NEW founding affiliates! I want to work with YOU!  If you are interested in becoming a Yu Collagen Affiliate please fill out our Yu Affiliate Application here.

Transitioning from Affiliate to CEO has been and will continue to be a learning process for me. If you want to learn more about this new adventure including things like:

  • How to create your own physical product
  • How to create a home run product
  • How to work with Influencers
  • How to build your Affiliate Marketing Team
  • How to Pre-Launch your products
  • How to Launch your own company
  • And MORE

Please slide into my direct messages on Instagram and let me know. You know I don't keep secrets and I am an open book so I would love to do upcoming episodes about these things if they are of interested to you.  Love you! 

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