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Embrace Self-Love through Powerful Self-Care Strategies

June 29, 2023 Jenny Peterson Season 3 Episode 140
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Embrace Self-Love through Powerful Self-Care Strategies
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Feeling like your brain is about to explode from stress and overwhelm? It's time to prioritize self-care, and no, it's not selfish! Join me as I share powerful strategies for making self-care a daily practice and banishing stress, anxiety, and burnout. It's crucial to schedule self-care just like any other appointment in order to nurture self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. Trust me, your mental, physical, and emotional well-being will thank you!

We'll explore various forms of self-care, from weightlifting to gratitude journaling, meditation, and breathwork. I'll also share my personal struggle with prioritizing self-care and the surprising benefits you can reap from daily collagen intake. Learn how Beautiful You helps you take charge of your self-care journey with their products, and make sure to use the code 'JennyP' for 25% off. So, refill your cup, and let's put yourself first together!

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the social media influencer podcast. I'm Jenny Peterson, a stay at home mom of three turned six figure, social media influencer turned CEO of my own seven figure product-based business. I'm obsessed with all things online business, online marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and social selling. Why am I spilling all my secrets? Because I believe when we all do better, we all do better. Let's dive in. Well, hey there, my beautiful friend, it's Jenny Peterson. And then today we are talking about the importance of self care and how to actually make more time for your bad self. I wanted to have this conversation today because today I found myself slipping into a bad habit. I don't know if you can relate to this, but I felt myself today getting overwhelmed, stressed out. I felt like my brain was going to explode. I felt like and that could be the ADHD I just constantly have thoughts going 24 seven And I thought I can't do this, i don't have the capacity to do this. I'm gonna break, i'm gonna snap under the pressure. And then I had a moment of what have I done for myself for self care today? And I'm gonna ask you, friend, what have you done today for your own self care? Because if you're anything like me I don't know about you. When I get stressed out to the max, when I am super busy, i've over scheduled myself and I am losing my freaking mind, the first thing to go out the window is myself care. When I am going through busy seasons and periods of high stress and anxiety, i tell myself I don't have time to go to the gym, i don't have time to meditate, i don't have time to read a book, i don't have time to go get a massage. I don't have time. And here is the truth. Lean in, friend. I need you to hear me for this. Here is the truth. If you're also that same way, when you're like I don't have time for self care, you have to make the time. You have to make the time, you have to prioritize your own self care. And sometimes people think, well, that sounds really selfish. Oh, no, friend. No, no, self care is not selfish. It is quite honestly the opposite. Self care is really prioritizing your own health, your mental, your physical, your spiritual, your emotional health and wellbeing. And if you find yourself asking yourself, gosh, how do I make more time for myself? And you're looking at your schedule and you're like there's just no time, You have to schedule it. It's literally that simple What gets scheduled gets done right. We schedule everything else. We schedule the dentist appointment. We schedule our doctor's appointments. We schedule that meeting with the teacher. We schedule our kids' sporting events. We schedule that business meeting. We schedule taking our cars in to get routine maintenance. Well, guess what, friend? Just like your car needs routine maintenance, just like your car cannot run on fumes it's bad for the engine, we also need routine maintenance. We need to start scheduling ourselves and making ourselves and our self-care our emotional, our physical, our spiritual health a priority. Schedule your self-care first. The definition of self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health. It's also the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. And we have scientific proof that self-care banishes stress, banishes anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. It improves our mood, it builds resilience, it boosts our overall well-being, it creates intention, focus, meaning and life purpose. It brings time and energy to the things and people that we love And also nurture self-love, self-worth and self-esteem. We cannot afford to skip out on our own self-care And we definitely cannot afford to cut it out first, which is exactly what I do. I don't know why I do this to myself. Why would I cut out the very thing that could actually make me happier and help me have more energy and boost my mood and banish stress? Why would I cut out those things Like make it make sense? So if you're like me and you find yourself cutting out your self-care when you get stressed out, when you feel overwhelmed, when you are in a season of busy, go, go, go, i don't have time for my own dang stuff. Girl, this is your reminder, as your friend, that you must prioritize yourself. It's like how they tell us when we fly. What do they tell us? every time we fly, every time we board a plane, they tell us the same thing You have to first put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Girl friend, you and I, we cannot pour from an empty cup. We cannot pour from an empty cup. We need to do things that fill our cups back up. So, first things first, i want you to think about your own self-care. I want you to think about the things that you love doing, the things that bring you joy and enjoyment when you do those things, the things that improve your mental, your spiritual, your physical health, and I want you to ask yourself these questions What are the things that you do that help you feel rejuvenated, restored, relaxed, balanced, grounded, joyful, peaceful, less stressed? You pour a cap year energized and fulfilled. What are those things? Because for all of us they might be different things. And here's the truth. Self-care is not need to be bougie. It doesn't need to cost a lot of money. It's not overly indulgent. Self-care is a necessity. It's something that we actually need to prioritize. It's something that we need to function at full capacity. Just like the definition, self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health. It's the practice of taking an active role and protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular, during periods of high stress. The truth is, sista, you and I, we need to prioritize our self-care. And if you're uncomfortable with saying I need to prioritize my self-care, i need to prioritize myself. I need to put myself first in my schedule. Then try saying I need to prioritize taking care of my health, my spiritual, my physical and my mental health, because that's what self-care is at the end of the day. And the reason why I'm getting so fired up about this is because your girl has struggled with this for such a long time. My husband, a couple Christmases ago, got me and I believe I've told you this got me the best gift. So my love language is physical touch one And two. I love massages Like I just. There's nothing better than a relaxing massage. I normally fall asleep during it. So he got me a massage membership, once a month, paid for. All I had to do was schedule it. I went 10 months without scheduling a single massage. All I had to do was schedule it. So if you're like, how do I make more time for me, you gotta schedule it. All I had to do was pick up the phone and make a phone call or get online and book my appointment, that's it. And I didn't do it Why? Why? Because I told myself I didn't have time, Because I told myself there's no way I can't take an hour for myself out of a month. There's no way. Oh my gosh. And I'm still trying to work off that credit because it just that credit. Thank goodness it rolled over. Thank goodness I didn't just lose that money. You know what I'm saying. But I still have a hard time scheduling and prioritizing my own self-care And the truth is this is not something that we do once a month. This is needs to become a daily practice, a daily habit, doing things every single day that refill our cup, that put fuel back in the tank, that reenergize our mind, body and soul. Think about it. I feel like I was looking at self-care all wrong. I think I was looking at it as, once a month, i'm going to get a massage and that's my self-care. And now I'm like, okay, what am I going to do today for my own self-care? Because your girl's about to lose it. So obviously I need a break and I need to recharge because I can't run on empty. So what if we even took 10 minutes a day to do something for our own well-being, something for our own health? And I wanted to get your wheel spinning of what self-care could look like for you. Here is a short list some examples I came up with of self-care, and some of these might resonate with you. Some of these might not. You might have something completely different on your self-care list And if you do, i would love for you to tell me over on Instagram. Go to Jenny underscore Peterson and tell me what is your favorite form of self-care. Self-care for me looks like my number one is probably a good night's sleep, and I have learned about this about myself. I need a full eight hours of sleep. My husband, he functions on much less sleep If I don't get a good night's sleep. And I will tell you this right now my husband, he has been waking me up in the middle of the night. I literally I told him the other day, i'm like we done, i'm about to go, i'm fixing to go sleep in the guest bedroom and have my own room just so I can get a good night's sleep. I don't know what compels him. He wakes up in the middle of the night and something compels him to wake me up. Don't do it, don't do it. So, anyways, i always thought it was weird My grandparents slept in separate bedrooms growing up. But I'm like, hmm, maybe grandpa woke up my grandma all the time. I get it now Peace out a town, i'm going to go to the guest bedroom to sleep on my own some. Anyways, if I don't get a good night's sleep, i'm a nightmare the next day, like I am not functioning at my best self. So prioritizing my sleep is probably number one. Another one for me, a big one for me, is exercise, moving my body every single day, and this is something that I had talked about recently on the podcast how I got out of the habit of exercising and I told myself, oh, i don't have time for it. Oh, it doesn't matter. Now that I have been working out for a couple months consistently I'm talking five to six days a week Why did I ever stop? Are you kidding me? Not only have I lost 15 pounds and I'm feeling fly, but I also have increased energy. I also feel like it boosts my mood. It makes me a more patient mother. It makes me a better wife. It helps boost my self esteem. It helps with my anxiety and my depression, my stress. It also, you know, they say daily exercise is supposed to improve your sleep. Well, my husband's pressing peers and he wakes me up like three times a night, so that's not happening, but it's supposed to improve your sleep. There are so many amazing benefits to daily physical exercise And I'll tell you I'm just going to go in a soapbox for a minute. I'm not doing cardio, Mm-mm, weightlifting. I'm weightlifting and I freaking love it. Not only do I leave after my weightlifting session and I'm not a sweaty, hot mess, but I'm getting stronger and it feels so good. If you haven't tried weightlifting, i highly encourage giving it a go, giving it a try. You're going to hurt like hail when you first get started, but it gets better, and just trust me. Here's the thing You burn calories while you are on that cardio equipment, while you're in that class. As soon as you stop, you are done burning calories. When you are weightlifting, you are tearing down those muscle fibers. Your muscles then have to go to work to rebuild and to repair and you burn calories for 24 to 48 hours afterwards. Are you serious right now? It also helps to increase your metabolism. I recently got a scale that doesn't just track my weight but it also tracks my muscle mass. It tells me what percentage body fat I have, which I wish I bought the scale before I started losing weight because I don't know what I started out as. A lot of times we put emphasis on what number we want to be on the scale. That's not the most important number. It's not to me. I want to gain muscle, lose body fat, but for me, exercise is a huge form of self-care, huge for my physical, my spiritual and my mental well-being. It hits all of them. Okay, i'm going to step off that soapbox for a minute. If you start lifting weights, you better let me know, just let me know, let me know how it's going. I'm telling you you'll get addicted to it. It is my drug of choice. Here's some other examples of self-care that I wrote down reading Or, if you're like me, listening to an audiobook or a podcast, yes, please, turning your phone off. Putting your phone on do not disturb Self-care Meditation. I like to do a guided meditation. Okay, you want to know my secret. I'm going to share with you my secret. I listened to a podcast called Tracks to Relax. That does it for me A guided sleep meditation. Breathing is a form of self-care. You want to hear a podcast that I listen for breathing? Hold up, i got to look it up. Okay, the podcast that I listen to is called Breathwork. Bestie, i love it Seriously. It's like 10 to 20 minutes of just breathwork and breathing. Breathing is another great self-care practice and I particularly enjoy gratitude journaling, going for a walk, walking my dog I know that my dog loves it, but I love it too Are you kidding? Being out in the mountains, being in the sunshine. It's beautiful. Right now It's summer. We are both all kinds of happy when we are going walking, even going outside and walking barefoot on the grass, getting 10 minutes of natural sun exposure. Oh my gosh, it's so grounding and it is so healing. For me, getting out in nature is a big one. I love we live at the base of the mountains. I love driving up into the mountains. I love it. The canyons, there's waterfalls, there's a hidden mountain lake. Like 10 minutes from my house There's a spot that I like to sit. There's a picnic table and just look over all of Utah Valley. It's phenomenal. Going to my cabin in Bear Lake it's Garden City, utah, but Bear Lake so good for the soul. That's all self care. Other forms of self care can look like meeting up with a girlfriend for lunch, going and watching a comedy, special laughing. Going to therapy and talking to somebody about your life. Getting a massage you know I already love that one. Getting a pedicure, making sure you're hydrated, drinking a full glass of water, stretching every single day. Doing 10 minutes of yoga One of my favorite ways to do yoga is going on YouTube and doing a yoga session with yoga with Adrienne. Having some alone time and just being with my own thoughts. Praying. Prayer is a form of self-care. It's so good for the spirit, reading scriptures And when it comes to alone time. So I am an introvert. I need to recharge my battery alone Sometimes. Sometimes it's like all the times I tell my husband look, i just need 10 minutes, i just need 10 minutes alone, recharge my battery and I'm good. And I will literally go be alone, be in a room by myself and stare at a wall for 10 minutes. I am telling you that recharges my battery straight up. But I have two extrovert daughters. They are extrovert just like their daddy. They hate being alone. They recharge with others. Their form of self-care is being with friends. It is so important for their mental well-being And I've noticed that when they don't spend time with friends they get depressed. Another form of self-care and you've got to let me know over on Instagram are you a shower person or are you a bath person? Because my friend Tamra is a shower person, but I am a bath person. A bubble bath with bath bombs, light a candle? Yes, please, That is self-care. My nighttime skincare routine, just taking care of my skin and going through that routine every night self-care. Spending quality one-on-one time with my kids That recharges my battery. Going on a date with my husband That recharges my battery. Where are my animal lovers at? I have three dogs. You probably hear them on this podcast all the time but I have a favorite one. His name's Kobe. He is a multi-poo and he hugs. I am not kidding you, this dog gives the best hugs. I need a 10-second hug from Kobe and I am good to go. And I also feel like he has like a sixth sense, like maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like he knows when I'm in distress, he knows when I'm stressed out. I don't even have to tell him to hug me, i just pick him up and he hugs me. It is the sweetest thing ever. I've never seen a dog that hugs before, but if you need a hug literally, i will let you borrow my dog Hobbies. What are your hobbies? What are the things that you love, that you enjoy And this is different for every single person. My sister she makes jewelry, she is an artist and she's amazing with clay. My mom's musical. So when I was growing up, she was always playing the piano and singing. Preston's family's athletic, so they love watching sporting events, going to sporting events. Preston loves golfing. For my neighbor it's gardening. She is in her garden for hours every day. She's listening to a podcast. By the way, i'll tell you what podcast it is, because I've just subscribed. I have not listened to it yet. I will tell you this because I was like, are you kidding me? right now, these podcast episodes are four to five hours long. But now I know what she's doing. She's in her garden for hours a day listening to a spiritual podcast. That is her self-care. Okay, i have not listened to this podcast yet, but I did subscribe so I wouldn't forget about it, because she's obsessed with it. It's called Unshaken Saints And, by the way, i feel really bad because their yard is always beautiful and their garden is beautiful. And then they look at my yard and it is being taken over by weeds right now And I am freaking out, literally. I just told my daughter and her friends I'm like, listen, i will pay you $60 an hour to come and weed our yard because the in-laws are coming. The in-laws are coming, my in-laws. They have a beautiful yard, they take a lot of pride in their yard, they love gardening, they love taking care of their yard. And I know what's going to happen. They're going to come to my house and we're going to get lectured And I'm going to be embarrassed And my mother-in-law is probably going to go outside and start weeding. I can't do it. So I'm going to pay the neighbor kids to weed the yard before my sweet mother-in-law and sweet father-in-law come into town, because I am so embarrassed with the state of my yard right now. And I'm going to be honest with you for me, gardening is not a form of self-care. That is not how I recharge my battery. I don't fill my cup up that way. It doesn't energize me. It doesn't bring me joy. I do not enjoy it at all. I always get sunburned when I'm outside for more than 10 minutes. I hate getting dirt under my nails. I hate that there's spiders and bugs and things outside creeping things. All of my sisters and my mother they're all green thumbs. They all love plants. They love going to nurseries together. I have killed a succulent. I am not a green thumb. So if gardenings are thinking great, do that is not my thing. So that's not on my self-care list, but maybe it is for you and that's fantastic. And that's the whole point of this. Make a list, write it down and ask yourself those questions What do you do that you love doing? Who do you love spending time with? What are the activities that you enjoy doing, the things that you love doing that make you feel rejuvenated, restored, relaxed, balanced, grounded, joyful, peaceful, less stressed out, euphoric, even happy or energized, and fulfilled. Make a self-care list. Your list is going to be different than mine, but make your list And then the intentional prioritize your dang self and schedule it. What gets scheduled gets done. Put yourself in your calendar. We schedule everything else. You schedule your self care And then you keep that appointment with your dang self like you would keep with anybody else, because nobody is going to prioritize your self care for you. Only you can give yourself that gift And when you do, it's going to reduce your stress, it's going to improve your mood, it's just going to improve your overall well-being Your physical, your spiritual, your mental health. I would love to know over on Instagram what you are going to do today for your dang self. What are you going to do today for your self care? What are you going to do today to put gas back in your tank, to refill your cup? What are you going to do today that's going to be your oxygen mask on the airplane before you assist others? Tell me over on Instagram. Tag me at Jenny, underscore Peterson And friend. I really wanted to have this conversation today because, if you're anything like me, you put yourself last. We do this as women. We do this. We put ourselves last. When we get busy At least I do self care goes out the window and that just makes things worse. Take care of yourself. It's a form of self love and you deserve it And, honestly, i know there might be somebody out there that's like I don't have time. You don't understand. Maybe you are in a season right now where you have five kids under the age of five. Girl, i get it, you are in a season. I just talked to my friend, karina, and I could hear both of her kids I think they're both two kids under the age of five screaming in the background And I was like, girl, i'm praying for you. And I told her I'm said look, you are in a season, you're in a season and this is going to pass and you're going to get through it and you're going to be in a different season, but I remember that season. That's a hard one. You especially need to prioritize your self care. Okay, all the seasons we need to prioritize our self care, friend. I love you, i appreciate you. Thank you so much for spending this time with me and I'm proud of you. You just did like 25 minutes of self care. I think that listening to podcasts is definitely self care. It's something that I do on the daily. It brings me joy and I love it. And because you're listening to this podcast, i'm sure you're the same way. So good for you, girl. You did it. Check off that box. You did self care today And while I'm recording this, i'm doing another form of self care Cheers. I am drinking my daily collagen. I don't skip a day. This has transformed my skin, healed my skin from the inside out. If you want to see pictures, you can go over to my Instagram. I have tons of pictures of before and after on there. It's also helped restore my my receding hairline and it also has helped with my joint pain. I'm obsessed. If you want to give yourself that self care gift, you can go to beautiful youcom And, because you're a listener of the show, use code JennyP to get 25% off up to 25% off of my favorite collagen and the other you products on there. Friend, do something for you today because you're worth it, you deserve it. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are worthy. It's going to make you happier, it's going to improve your life in so many different ways, And you need to put yourself first. Okay, i love you. Thank you so much for spending this time with me, and I will see you inside another episode.

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