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Huge decluttering project complete!

April 25, 2023 Jenny Peterson Season 3 Episode 124
Social Media Influencer
Huge decluttering project complete!
Show Notes

Personal Episode: Huge decluttering project complete! Today I share how I completed a huge decluttering project, got rid of 80% of our stuff, the decluttering experts and minimalist I follow, 6 lessons I learned and a surprising reaction from a family member.   

Kitchen and Pantry Organizers and Bins that are totally worth the hype: 

  1. Dog Food Storage Containers
  2. Mop/Broom wall mount holder
  3. Small white bins
  4. Large white bins
  5. Tiered Can Shelf riser organizer
  6. OXO Large Canister Set with scoops
  7. OXO 3 piece Cereal Dispenser
  8. OXO Food Storage Containers
  9. Self adhesive paper towel holder
  10. Under the sink Organizers
  11. Lazy Susans
  12. Zip Lock Bag Storage Container
  13. Spice Rack
  14. Adjustable Colander
  15. Open Front Bins

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