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Confession...I stopped grocery shopping years ago

April 18, 2023 Jenny Peterson Season 3 Episode 122
Social Media Influencer
Confession...I stopped grocery shopping years ago
Show Notes

Inside this personal episode I share two apps that save me time and money! The first is a new meal delivery app, Hello Fresh. I am new to using Hello Fresh and I am not an affiliate for them. I do have 10 FREE Boxes to share with the firsts 10 people who use the discount code and shop through the link below.

Claim your free HelloFresh box now and start your cooking adventure. Use code FIH-63DJIO0YHRIJ.

Confession...I stopped grocery shopping years ago. How? With the second app I share with you! I can no longer gate keep this app! I love it and have used it for 3-4 years now. It's called InstaCart. I am not an affiliate for them, in fact I have been turned down multiple times by Instacart but I still need to share this game changing app with you!

Ready, set, order! 🛒 💰✨  Get up to $30 off Instacart. Use my code J734E75173 at checkout or follow this link. Terms apply.

Here's the two sunrise alarm clocks I ordered from Amazon:
$40 Sunrise Alarm Clock:
$130 Sunrise Alarm Clock:

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